Methanol Injection Kit For Z1 Turbo Models

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Simply put, injecting methanol into the intake system cools the intake and cylinder head combustion chamber temperature.

This, in turn, allows the machine to run higher boost with the same octane fuel. The cooler temperatures help to prevent detonation.

This kit comes complete with a half gallon aluminum tank (optional), pump, and all other necessary hardware to install the kit, and will allow you to run higher horsepower/boost levels with lower octane fuel.

The Speedwerx, Inc. Methanol Injection Kit requires no nozzle tuning with the Speedwerx ECU Re-mapping.

2009-2011 Arctic Cat Z1 Turbo Models

High Quality Pump, Operation light / Clog/failure sensor light, Optional Tank, All Necessary Wiring, All Necessary Hoses, All Necessary Hardware, Detailed Installation Instructions

In our testing we have found the ½ gallon aluminum tank to be good for 14 quarter-mile wide-open runs. Trail usage depends on the operators use of the system (throttle control).

Part #Z1TMIK Methanol Injection Kit (With Tank) – $775.00
Part #Z1TMIK-NB Methanol Injection Kit (NO Tank) – $600.00

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