What The Heck Is Blogging Anyways?

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(Press Release) Work is under-way on an Internet blogging application devoted to snowmobile enthusiasts. SNOWMOBILER.COM is asking everyone with an opinion to visit the website and vote. The question: Are you likely to utilize the snowmobiler.com web blogging application?

Blogging is the most effective way for you, the snowmobiler, to be heard on the web. Unlike traditional news sources, web blogs (or weblogs); contain un-edited and un-contaminated stories that infuse the same newsworthy topics with the opinions and prejudices of the author. Agree or disagree, bloggers celebrate this new movement as a claim to their independent voices and an exercise in freedom of speech.

SNOWMOBILER.COM users will be able to publish personal stories, opinions, reviews of the latest equipment and products, or anything relating to Snowmobiling. Once the article is posted, it is listed chronologically and instantly made accessible to all. Then browse and respond publicly with your own comments.

Andrew Sullivan of the New York Times writes in issue 10.05 of Wired Magazine, “The phenomenon is real. Blogging is changing the media world and could, I think, foment a revolution in how journalism functions in our culture.”

Visit SNOWMOBILER.COM to cast your vote or offer your feedback. The full-launch of the website is slated for February, 2005.

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