CSRA 2005 Round Two At Searchmont

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Searchmont Resort hosted the second round of the CSRA’s National Championship Snocross series on a huge ski-hill course this past weekend.

Natural snow combined with a man made base providing racers from the USA, Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec with an exciting weekend of Pro and Semi-Pro snocross competition.


In Pro 440 National racing it was 2003 CSRA National Champion Iain Hayden’s (OTSSF/Arctic Cat) day. Hayden qualified 1,1,5 for the top spot on the front row and appeared unstoppable when he lit the fuse on his 440 Sno-Pro Arctic Cat.

Up the hill first and in front Hayden gave no gate to Michael VanDolder (2,2,3) (Factory Recreation/Royal Distributing/Ski-Doo) who also appeared to have the starting drilled nailed this weekend. An interesting mix of US Pro’s followed which included Joshua Zelinski (5,3,2)(Team Stud Boy/Ski-Doo), Jon Zelinski (4,4,4) Team Stud Boy/Ski-Doo) and Justin Walesky (3,2,1) (Team Flintriggers/Ski-Doo).

These five pilots tore up the course but as is often the case at Searchmont, once the starting order was established these drivers held their positions until the finish.

In Pro Open National competition St Felicien, Quebec racer Karl Allard used the holeshot power of his Sno-Pro Arctic Cat Open Mod to qualify 1,1,3 and appeared blistering fast throughout the day. In fact, Allard was fast – so fast he was unbeatable.

Michael VanDolder (2,2,1) looked quick on his 126 inch long track Rev and did displace Iain Hayden’s equally fast Arctic Cat for second after a battle which saw VanDolder’s Mod simply out-pull Hayden up the 80 MPH uphill straight. In a strange twist from the past two seasons, Arctic Cat has changed the rules in CSRA snocross with new found Pro-Class dominance.


Semi-Pro Open racing has become the domain of a young man from Clearwater BC. Brett Turcotte (1,1,1) simply rode the wheels off his Blair Morgan Racing/BDI/Armstrong Speed Sports/Ski-Doo in qualifying and then wicked it even harder to outclass the Semi-Pro field in the final.

Riding fast in second but in what seemed like a different race was John O’Malley from Ajax (Ski-Doo) and Lee Butler (OTSSF/Arctic Cat) charging in third. Butler seemed to have more but suffered from some untimely bobbles to capture third at the checkers.

Semi-Pro 440 was to be another Brett Turcotte event with qualifying results of 1,2,1. Turcotte was fierce in his ability to holeshot but in this final it was Joey Sagan (1,2,4) (Factory Recreation/Royal Distributing/Ski-Doo) who launched first and rode the skis off his Rev 440 to get out front early. Turcotte was in second with a highly motivated Lee Butler in third. Turcotte settled down by lap three and took advantage of a slight bobble by Sagan to take the lead. He never looked back. At the finish it was Turcotte, Sagan then Butler.

Semi-Pro/Pro Women was an all US show with Millington, Michigan’s Jamie Walesky (1,1,1) (Team Flintriggers/Ski-Doo) leading the final as she did all three qualifiers. Victoria Hawley from Negaunee, Michigan (2,2,2) duplicated her qualifying results for a strong second while Sarah McQuestion (10,4,4) from Tustin, Michigan railed for third at the checkers.

CSRA / WSA National Racing Moves To Winnipeg, Manitoba, December 11th, 12th 2004

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