More Groomer Warning Beacons Coming!

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(Press Release) Les Collett, President of Collett Electronics Ltd., located in Winnipeg, Canada, announced his company would be producing another 2000 Groomer Warning Beacons over the next 2 years.

Groomer Warning Beacons or GWB’s are devices that are installed on snowmobile trail groomers and transmit a 900MHz radio signal ” dee-da ” …. “dee-da “, similar to a back-up alarm, that can be received on channel #1 of all Collett ‘900’ series Communicators. This signal warns snowmobilers that a groomer is near and they should slow down and be prepared to stop.

“In past years we have produced and supplied, free-of-charge, about 3500 GWB’s to groomer operators in the U.S. and Canada” says Les Collett. “As we often gave them to federations and associations to distribute, we had little direct knowledge of how many were actually needed. We thought 3500 would surely be enough to equip every groomer at that time and into the future. Well, we were wrong. Almost every day we get faxes, e-mails, and calls asking for more GWB’s. So I talked things over with our production people and we’ve decided, even though we are at our busiest time of the year, we will make every effort to produce at least 500 GWB’s, this season.”

As in the past, these will be given free-of-charge. Groomer operators desiring a GWB should visit and register their request.

A word of caution: Snowmobilers can’t count on every groomer transmitting a warning signal. They must always expect the unexpected and adjust their speed accordingly. Ride Safe! Visit our website to hear a Groomer Warning Beacon.

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