TEAM Industries Introduces TEAM Tied Driven Clutch

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Press Release –

TEAM Industries, the largest manufacturer of CVT’s in North America, introduces to the snowmobile public, the TEAM Tied Driven Clutch.

The TEAM Tied Driven Clutch is an advancement over the TSS-04 clutch in that the sheaves open axially without rotating relative to each other.

This means that the belt does not have to scrub the sheaves during upshift and downshift. That leads to less friction and more efficiency.

Our testing has shown we can lower spring rates and still maintain tremendous backshift. This makes it easier for the clutches to shift farther for top end.

Edwin Wirbel set the NHRA/NSDRA Pro Stock 1000 asphalt record the first race he ran the TEAM Tied Secondary running 8.289 @ 153.4 mph.

Jerry Matthews at SLP, Greg Goodwin at Goodwin Performance, Max Maxedon at Tri City Polaris, Dave Tryggstad, and Christian Brothers Racing all tested the clutch last winter and are very enthusiastic about it.

This is the most technically advanced, affordable, driven clutch in the industry.

Retail price is $433 complete with spring and Twin Track Helix. Also new this year, custom helixes will be the same price as our off the shelf part numbers for the Tied Secondary, $109. We can cut any helix you can dream up.

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