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The Ski-Doo/Dodge Trucks/Supertrax Super Team began the CSRA National Season in fine style this past weekend in Peterborough, Ontario. The Kawartha Cup returned to its ancestral home – the legendary Morrow Park – deep in the heart of the city where oval racing legends were born more than three decades ago.

Matt Turner is settling into his second year as a Pro racer showing more ability in gaining consistent good starts than any other Pro racer in the CSRA. Matt and tuner Sean Tilley have an almost telepathic line of communication and it paid off big time in Peterborough.

Turner was consistently first or second through the first turn in qualifying and had the needle threaded tightly when in Pro Open round two qualifying he nailed a wire-to-wire victory.

When the green flag fell in Pro 440 it was Turner and Parnell in the first turn. Using good judgment and superb team etiquette, both drivers kept out of each other’s way and settled into a race-long duel for second place. Turner was able to square under Parnell but Parnell eventually carried more speed off the front double and Matt settled for a strong and convincing third.

In Pro Open Matt absolutely nailed the start with a ji-normous holeshot netting more than a sled length lead as he cleared turn one. Riding like a man-on-a-mission, Matt pulled a huge lead through the first lap only to unload and remount dead last. Matt was disappointed and unable to move through the pack and recover.

Justin Parnell racing his first weekend as a CSRA Pro in his hometown proved he’s ready and more than able to run with Canada’s best Pro sno-cross racers. Taking over for the injured AJ Lester, Parnell adapted to Pro competition perfectly by consistently and convincingly gaining excellent starts and running up front through Friday and Saturday’s qualifying motos.

When it was time to log some pay dirt, Justin had sorted himself out and made his mark with the other Pro’s – throwing off intimidation moves and holding his line in the first turn after repeated assaults.

By the time the green flag fell in Pro 440 Justin had paid his dues. Rocketing down the start straight Justin pulled an amazing holeshot behind team mate Matt Turner. Parnell and turner ran two/three – trading positions until the checkers where Justin scored second in his first Pro National race.

In Pro Open Justin railed his Sean Tilley tuned 600 Open Mod down the front straight literally leaving everyone except Turner asleep. Within a lap Justin was in the lead and held there for three laps. Justin eventually settled for third at the checkers but clearly has the stuff to win in CSRA Pro competition.

Peter Marcelli has established himself as a powerful force in CSRA Sport class racing. Marcelli ran strong and up front in Sport 600 scoring an eventual 2nd at the checkers.

In a strange twist, Pete was forced to start from the back row in Sport 500 – even though he qualified up front. Unable to get justice before the green, Marcelli held it wide open scoring an impressive and hard fought fourth at the checkers.

Pete had an unfortunate get-off in Sport Open and ended up mid-pack. Marcelli has been convincing in his dominance of the Sport class – doubly impressive considering he is one of few racers campaigning all classes on a 440.

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