Yamaha Apex RTX 4-Stroke Sled of The Future

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4-Stroke or not, the Apex is one of our favorite models. Handling is crisp, turn-in predictable and thanks to rider forward ergos, the mogul ride is close to incomparable.

Its sledgehammer torque produces relentless surge that doesn’t let up past the C-note and totally transparent EFI delivers telepathic throttle response. Consider this, the RTX without reverse weighs within 10 lbs of the Mach Z!

The biggest gripe on the RTX is the windshield which provides little protection from the elements. Aesthetics mean very little when the thottle is pinned and the mercury’s dipped to frigid temperatures.

There’s no doubt this is the 4-stroke snowmobile of the future. You can have a full-on 150 horsepower high-performance 4-stroke, rider forward ergos, great handling, an amazing ride, edgy styling and impressive fuel economy while thumbing your nose at the enviros!

Tell us Which 2006 Hyper Sled you’d buy this year. Scroll down the page and cast your vote!!

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