Arctic Cat Expands Alternative Sports Partners

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Press Release –

It’s easy to jump on a bandwagon, but difficult to drive it. Arctic Cat will further remain in the driver seat of action sports partnerships since signing Kourtney Hungerford and OGIO gear bags.

For 2006, Slednecks pro freestyle ramp pioneer, Kourtney Hungerford will pilot two Arctic Cat 440 Sno Pro snowmobiles at various demos, freestyle comps and promotional marketing events for Arctic Cat and OGIO.

Kourtney said, “When it comes to freestyle snowmobile riding, the biggest thing you need is a snowmobile that can handle the punishment. That’s why I love riding an Arctic Cat. Right out of the crate it can take some serious abuse with minimal maintenance!”

In addition to the Kourtney Hungerford-inspired Arctic Cat/OGIO graphics on his two 440 Sno Pros, a third Arctic Cat mountain sled will be put to use at the OGIO corporate facility in Utah.

The award winning M7 141 will be put to the test by the OGIO marketing staff for various action sports shows as well as using it as a tool to introduce top athletes from the skate, snow, moto, bmx and golf industry to the sport of backcountry snowmobile riding. “The Arctic Cat M7 will be a great tool for our OGIO Marketing Team to access the Utah backcountry and meet both the needs of our Athletes and Media alike”, stated Jason Fischer, OGIO Motorsports Team Manager.

Arctic Cat’s Media Relations representative, Kale Wainer, added, “The best thing about partnering Arctic Cat with OGIO is the way both companies have an uncanny ability to market the top pro athletes in the action sports industry with their leading edge products”.

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