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BRP Ski-Doo X Team racers Marc McKenna and Dusty Van Meter won one of the world’s toughest cross country races today – the Iron Dog snowmobile race that runs from Wasilla, Alaska to Nome and then to Fairbanks, Alaska, and established a new course record along the way.

The Iron Dog race takes place over six days in extremely rugged terrain and the worst winter weather conditions, where temperatures reach as much as -40 degrees.

Both the racers and their machines need to be fast and very durable to take the brutal pounding the Alaska backcountry delivers.

Veteran racers Van Meter and McKenna covered the 2031mile (3269 km) course in 35 hours, 39 minutes, a course record, at an average speed of 57 mph (92 km/hr), which considering fuel stops and tight, slow sections gives an idea how fast the race is.

“Our E-TEC powered Ski-Doo sleds gave us a distinct advantage allowing us to carry less fuel on board and make quicker fuel stops even when running wide open for long stretches.” Said McKenna. “plus, it was bullet proof all race long, no hiccups, no nothing”

McKenna and Van Meter chose the MX Z 600 X model with the Rotax E-TEC 600 H.O. engine for their race mounts. “This sled is the complete package” added Van Meter, “It’s durable, fast, lightweight and smooth riding, which made it easier on our bodies.”

Congratulations to both racers and the many dealers from Alaska who support them, especially Team CC and Compeaus.

For all the details on all the new Ski-Doo snowmobiles visit your local dealer or

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