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BRP’s 2015 Ski-Doo MXZx 600RS builds on its strong chassis performance from 2014 by refining the engine and drive systems for better power delivery and even better overall durability.

Last season saw big chassis changes for the Ski-Doo race sled like the new front suspension, steering and longer 128-inch (3251 mm) track that gave racers a well balanced, easy to handle and extremely durable platform. This season the Valcourt Race Shop concentrated on getting more power out of the engine, and then transferring that to the snow for better starts and corner-to-corner acceleration.

Improvements come from a one-pound lighter crankshaft that allows the engine to build RPM faster, and calibration changes in the ignition and fuel mapping for a stronger mid range pull. New software programs developed in late season testing and Open Mod engine development have also yielded better consistency in different humidity and temperature environments.

Working in conjunction with the engine changes will be a new track design that incorporates a new pattern for better acceleration. Testing showed the new track to consistently provide between one half, to one full sled length advantage at 60 feet. Tighter tolerances in the slip gear assembly will assure all the power gets to the ground.

Recap of changes:

* Chassis reinforcement: front suspension module reinforced to eliminate cracks and reduce flex.
* New track: 128″ (3251 mm) track redesigned for better holeshots, lighter, optimized pitch for less rolling resistance.
* Rear skid: optimized rails and braces for less weight and better strength.
* Torsion springs made of new high strength alloy for less weight, even more consistent performance.
* Shock calibrations: further improved for better control and traction
* Engine: calibration refined for more consistent performance in different temperatures and humidity.
* Increased mid-range power.
* Crankshaft lightened by 1 lb – allows RPM to build faster
* Slip gear: tolerances tightened

For more information on Ski-Doo snowmobiles visit, or the On Track blog site for racing specific information.

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