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Press Release –

The Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association announced today, effective November 1, 2009, that the snowmobile registration fee will be increased to $70.

On behalf of our members, we approached the provincial government to consider an increase to the $40 snowmobile registration fee. Government took our request under advisement and engaged an independent consultant to review the recreational snowmobile sector.

After careful analysis, government has decided to increase the fee to $70 so that our Association can continue to maintain the snowmobile trail network in a safe and sustainable manner. Saskatchewan still continues to have the lowest fee in Canada to register a snowmobile and use a provincially groomed trail system.

“Snowmobiling is a cherished winter recreation activity for the people of Saskatchewan and our trail network is a big part of that,” Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Dustin Duncan said. “Sustaining and managing grooming operations, maintaining safer trails and supporting safety programs benefit all riders and contribute to healthy lifestyles and economic development of our great province.”

“I would like to thank Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Dustin Duncan and his officials from Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport for working with the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association to address the many issues that face the Saskatchewan snowmobile sector,” Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association Chairman Barry Bradshaw said. “Snowmobiling and our trails are not only important to the folks that head out and have fun on them, they are also very important to Saskatchewan communities as they provide an economic and tourism boost during the longest season in our province.”

The fee helps cover the cost of trail maintenance, replacing grooming equipment, additional safety training and promotion, assisting with upgrades to trail shelters, signs and provides long-term viability of the provincial snowmobile trail network.

Snowmobile safety is an important part of sustaining snowmobiling in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association will continue to work with the Saskatchewan Safety Council to promote snowmobile safety education and awareness.

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