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Judnick Motorsports arrives in Canada for the Ski-doo Grand Prix de Valcourt with our Semi-Pro, Dylan Martin out for the season with a broken leg suffered a few weeks earlier; Pro Racer, Matt Judnick plagued by a hand injury from Canterbury (torn ligaments in his hand & dislocated finger) which makes it almost impossible to hang on to the sled. But you can’t keep a good team down.We still have Ross Martin in our arsenal – our extremely talented, determined Pro Racer.

Ross hit the track Saturday for practice focused on bringing one home for the team where he suffers a shoulder dislocation not once, but twice. (OUCH!!!)

But a bound and determined Martin gets taped up tight and heads back on the track. He makes the Pro Super Stock Final through the last chance qualifier, which means Ross will have to start the final in the back row. Incredibly, the flag drops and tough guy Martin fights his way through the pack to bring home a 3rd place podium. Unbelievable!!!

It doesn’t stop there… Ross came back on Sunday after icing and resting his shoulder overnight, broke out a brand new Polaris Mod sled and friggin’WON THE PRO OPEN NATIONAL FINAL! Ross took the lead in the first turn and lead the entire 20 laps!

“After watching Ross out on the track on Sunday, I just knew. It was like Saturday’s injury never happened. He was smooth as silk and I told Tom Rager Jr, we are going to win the Pro Open today and WE DID!” said an extremely fired-up Scott Judnick (Team Owner)

“We went from a tough start… to dominating the podiums at an event previously dominated by Skidoo because of their home court advantage. It doesn’t get better than that.We are very excited!”

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