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Besides the changes you just read about, the RUSH gets a new 8-pound lighter silencer for the 800 and the entire package is tightened up both visually and literally in almost every detail. The only disappointment we saw was the same notchy, recalcitrant hot grip switchgear and the continuation of non-heated hookers.

The RUSH gauge package incorporates myriad features easily toggled from the left handlebar rocker switch. There is a 3-minute record feature built into the main gauge so clutch tuners or top speed lake honers can gather data on the performance of the sled.

The Dragon is gone for 2011 and the new Polaris hot rod handle is called “Pro-R”. Order up a RUSH Pro R with either 600 or 800 engine choices and you get Walker Evans piggybacks with 16-clicks of compression damping adjustability.

A 2.5 pound saving in both weight and rotating mass comes from a rifle drilled jackshaft and a lightweight brake rotor. RUSH brakes use stainless steel lines and the rotor is located outside the chaincase in clean air. There’s a duct feeding air onto the rotor as well.

Sweet graphics (the best look being the retro TX package that’s quite frankly, horny) are available for Snow Check buyers only. Otherwise the colors for the Pro-R Polaris Rush models are red for the 800 and gloss white for the 600.

Polaris isn’t leaving the high mileage, all day cruiser crowd out of the RUSH mix, either. The former 136-inch IQ based 600 LX goes to the RUSH platform and comes standard with the stuff LX is synonymous with.

Keep in mind, this sled uses a 120 x 1-inch lugger out back. E-start, a power port, an RCA port, high windshield, mirrors and saddlebags are standard. We thing this is going to be a very desirable sled in MY11 with the inherent benefits of the industry’s most advanced and only true rising rate rear suspension targeted directly at the most discerning and suspension sensitive riders.

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