Polaris Racers Awarded for Wins and Points Titles

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Polaris is offering one of the sport’s most lucrative racing contingency programs to Polaris racers who this season win weekend titles, season points titles or special events such as the Winter X Games and the Jackson Hole World Championship Snowmobile Hillclimb.

Among the largest contingency awards for the 2007-2008 season are $10,000 for a Polaris hillclimber who wins the Stock King of the Hill title at Jackson Hole, $5,000 for the Pro Open winner at the X Games and $5,000 for the WPSA season points title in Pro 600 (formerly Pro Stock) or Pro Open.

“We view our contingency program as both incentive and reward for our racers. The contingency awards give our racers additional drive to pursue race wins and prestigious titles,” said Polaris Racing Manager Tom Rager, Sr.

The total dollar amount offered this winter in the Polaris Snowmobile Racing Contingency Program is over $350,000, “but we would love to have such overwhelming success that we ended up paying it all out,” said Rager.

Polaris racers can get complete details about eligibility and requirements from the Polaris Racing office. Contingency awards are available to Polaris racers in select snocross, ice oval, cross-country and hillclimb circuits and events.


For winning a class title on a Sunday at a WPSA National event, a Polaris racer will earn as much as $3,500 in contingency funds for a win, $1,750 for second and $875 for third place. (These dollar amounts are for the two Pro classes.) In WPSA racing, contingency is available for Sunday wins in these classes: Pro 600, Pro Open, Semi-Pro 600, Semi-Pro Open, Pro Women’s and Master’s (Pro Vet WSA).

Contingency funds are also available for Sunday winners in events on these circuits: Rock Maple Racing (Central Division, points races only), CSRA, SCM and Mountain West Racing. On these circuits, contingency funds are available for class winners in the two (600 and Open) Pro and two Semi-Pro classes.

For winning a WPSA season points title in Pro 600 or Pro Open, a Polaris racer will earn $5,000 in contingency funds; a Semi-Pro points winner (600 and Open) will receive $1,500; and the Pro Women’s and Master’s points champ each qualify for $500 in contingency funds.


Polaris racers can also earn contingency awards by winning or earning a podium spot in the sport’s premier events. In the high-profile ESPN Winter X Games, podiums positions are worth contingency awards of $5,000 for first place, $2,500 for second and $1,250 for third.

For winning the Iron Dog race across Alaska, a two-driver team would split $3,000, while a racer who wins the USCC 500 Pro 600 class would earn $3,500.


In the Millennium V-Force Challenge, winning a title (Pro Stock 600 or Pro Champ 400) earns a racer $500. On the MIRA circuit, winning the Pro 600 Enduro title is worth $750 in contingency funds, and second place is worth $500.

At the Eagle River World Championships, a Polaris racer will earn $1,000 in contingency funds for winning the Pro Stock 440 or the Pro Stock 600 title, and winning the Pro Champ crown would be worth $2,000.


Polaris hillclimbers can earn contingency money for winning or finishing second at RMSHA events in Stock, Improved Stock, Modified and Master’s classes. Winning an RMSHA King of the Hill title at a weekend event is worth $1,000.

At the premier event in snowmobile hillclimbs, the Jackson Hole World Championship Hillclimb, first place is worth $1,500 and second is worth $750 for Polaris racers in the Stock, Improved Stock and Modified classes. A Polaris racer who wins the King of the Hill title in these classes will earn $10,000 (Stock), $5,000 (Improved Stock) or $5,000 (Modified).

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