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Riders from the heights of deep snow country to the trails of the Midwest and Northeast are signing up to experience Polaris Terrain Domination in real world riding situations during the Polaris National Demo Tour.

The Polaris National Demo Tour is offering 25 total stops throughout the winter from New Brunswick to British Columbia in Canada and from Oregon to Maine in the United States.

Riders get to take extended demo rides in real world conditions to experience legendary Polaris ride and handling.

“A demo ride in real-world conditions is the best way for riders to assess and appreciate the Terrain Dominating performance of the PRO-RIDE chassis,” said Mike Jonikas, VP Snowmobiles, Sales & Corporate Marketing. “The National Demo Tour lets people enjoy the great ride and handling Polaris snowmobiles deliver.”

Riders must be at least 18 years of age and must wear proper riding gear. Complete rider eligibility details are available online.

Riders must register at www.terraindomination.com to reserve a spot.

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