Polaris Looking To Match Doo’s Race Sled

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An interesting rumor on the streets says Polaris is ready to match Ski-Doo’s oh-so-close to factory racer MX-Z X-RS package with a consumer available version of its radical IQ snocrosser next year.

If true, it’s not a bad idea, in our estimation. The Polaris IQ racer has got to be one of the most costly limited build 440s to produce because of its myriad parts not common to the production IQ chassis.

Meanwhile, because Ski-Doo’s X-RS (and its limited build 440) models are very tightly tied to production tooling, costs can be amortized over more units.

Polaris would be wise to shove a 600 CFI mill into an IQ Racer and sell it on a Snow Check exclusive program next spring. Besides, the things are cool and Polaris needs more of that in its showrooms.

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