Polaris Jams the Pedal to the Metal!

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Polaris snowmobile boss, Scott Swenson, got to the point in fast order at the media’s 2011 Sneak Peek event in Minneapolis last January.

He told the international snowmobile media assembled there, Polaris is focused on snowmobiles and has no intention of lifting its corporate foot off the accelerator. He proved it when the sheets came off the 2011 fleet.

If you paid attention to Supertrax’ in-depth report on the history of the RUSH this past season (Volume 21 #2) you know that Blackjack is the code name for the all-new front bulkhead and bodywork used on the current RUSH.

What was clear in the development of the RUSH was Blackjack’s ability to take on more than one snowmobile platform. In 2011 most of the Polaris fleet will be using the RUSH (Blackjack) front clip.

Find out details on all the new Polaris RMKs

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