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Have You Nominated Yourself for the North America’s Top Snowmobiler Competition? Here are some questions we’ve been asked about becoming a nominee…

What are the snowmobilers like who have already entered?

They’re hardcore, committed; die hards, in-love-with-snowmobiling. They’re riders who can’t get enough snowmobiling no matter how long winter lasts and most of all – they’re just like you!

What have they done?

Some have done crazy stuff on their sleds. Some have crazy sleds. Some have raised snowmobiling awareness and volunteered to make snowmobiling better. Some have ridden way too many miles in one day, one week or one season. Some have won races. Some have won a jillion competitions. Some have been riding for more years than you can imagine. Some just ride.

What have you done?

Groomed a trail? Built a bridge? Raced? Won a race? Helped someone? Saved someone? Went there and back in one day? Sold memberships for your Club? Put up signs? Set a record? Cleared a trail?

Don’t be shy, don’t be humble, don’t be afraid! You can be North America’s Top Snowmobiler! Nominate yourself right away. Voting is set to begin in October so don’t miss out on winning the 2017 Ski-Doo snowmobile of your choice! That’s a pretty sweet prize!

You don’t have to be a Ski-Doo rider to be eligible or to enter. All you have to do is tell us why you are North America’s Top Snowmobiler!

Click HERE to nominate yourself today!

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