New Rotax 800?

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Look for a new 800 series engine from Ski-Doo in the near future. We think it’s safe to assume any new engines from Ski-Doo will be equipped with the SDI certified emission system.

For this year the Rotax Series III 800 twin will certify 2006 EPA with carburetors and a knock sensor. However, we suspect if Ski-Doo is going to stay in the 800 class, it will need a new 800cc block with liquid cooled cases.

2- stroke engines with either SDI or Direct Injection require liquid cooling of the crankcases in the absence of fuel being scavenged under the piston as in a carburetor or Throttle Body Injection (TBI) system. 2-stroke engines have traditionally relied on fuel to cool the crank, cases and rods.

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