Ski-Doo Freestyle

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The Freestyle is a super lightweight, compact snowmobile based on the REV platform and is primarily targeted towards new snowmobilers and the youth market.

The basis of the Freestyle is the new RF platform, a lightweight and simplified chassis with REV platform DNA: driver-centered riding position, pyramidal frame and A-arm front suspension. Its centralized mass and compact design make it extremely easy to maneuver.

Ergonomics are designed for stand-up or sit-down riding, with high-rise handlebars and a low profile seat that makes it easy to move around the sled.Under the hood is the RotaxT 300 single cylinder 2-stroke engine, with enough power to cruise through the snow and over hills, yet friendly enough to control easily.Up front is a single A-arm front suspension, with lightweight plastic skis.

It has a narrow 32-inch ski stance for added agility in snow. In back is the 15 inch wide, 121-inch SC-4T rear suspension delivering excellent control, bump absorption and flotation, with Motion Control shocks. RER electronic reverse is standard, and buyers ordering in the spring can opt for electric start installed at the factory.

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