New 4-Stroke Chassis?

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We think it’s possible Arctic Cat is working on a new chassis destined for 4-stroke-only power.

Here’s what makes sense. The current FC/M-Series platform is not well suited for 4-stroke engines, at least not multi-cylinder ones.

The current AWS V based 660 Turbo 4-stroke is a leading edge thrust into the world of 4-stroke snowmobile power but this chassis is in no way purpose-built for the three cylinder, automotive based turbo powerplant we’ve come to know and love.

We’ve heard chatter surrounding 4-stroke power from TRF and we believe the company will approach the market with two separate platforms over the next few seasons: one solely for 4-strokes and built for a new series of Suzuki four cylinder, high output mills.

The other platform, likely the new M-Series bulkhead with rider forward ergos and a 15 inch track, will move ahead with clean 2-stroke power, initially throttle body EFI with knock sensors and then a move to SDI and possibly full DI.

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