Marshall Distributing, Hard to Find Parts Are Here

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It’s no secret that over the past few years times have changed and many customers are not spending like the use too. Many have turned to Chinese Make/Model units due to the low cost and availability from online sales and box stores etc. As I am sure we can all agree finding trusted replacement parts for these units has been difficult if not nearly impossible.

Marshall’s new partnership with Outside Distributing has made quality parts available to replace and in fact improve the reliability of these units. Many Repair shops & OEM dealers stand to benefit. How you ask? By providing the parts for these units thus attracting new customers.

“At Marshall Distributing we are always tracking the industry and looking for quality products that can benefit our dealers, Outside Distributing’s product line of easy to find replacement parts for Chinese Make/Model units is something we feel will complement our dealers OEM business. By providing part support for these import units many dealers will be able to attract new customers, increase apparel & accessory sales and further drive their OEM business as customers progress in the sport. In these tough times its important to keep customers riding and coming in the doors. We are very excited to introduce quality replacement parts from Outside Distributing for Chinese Make/Model units for the 2013 season.” Say’s Doug Gilbert of Marshall Distributing. “We are very excited to introduce quality replacement parts from Outside Distributing for Chinese Make/Model Units for the 2013 Season”

Outside Distributing is North America’s leading provider of parts for Chinese Powersport units currently supplying thousands of dealers across North America.

Our roots are from the Powersports Industry and we also operate a retail/repair business Outside Powersports. We noticed that many people were looking for repairs & parts for their Chinese units and found that this demand is not just in our town but all across North America.

The few parts these vehicle distributors were providing our shop were low quality and inconsistent; We could not risk ruining the reputation we had built with our customers over the years. This led us to begin sourcing quality parts and has since led to very strong relationships with the factories producing these items.

We work directly with the manufacturers to ensure the reliability and quality of our products first and foremost. “Our buying volume helps us to control all quality aspects of the process to ensure a positive experience for our customers.” Said Andrew Hepburn, Owner. “Our quality parts are now distributed by some of North America’s largest distributors, Kimpex, Gamma, Royal Distributing and now Marshall Distributing. The massive pent up demand for parts and service for these units is now easily satisfied through our dealer network. Servicing these units has helped keep shops in business through these tough economic times.”

Outside Distributing is extremely proud to announce our partnership with Marshall Distributing. This will create exciting new revenue streams for Marshall’s customers coast to coast across the USA.

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