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We had some interesting online remarks on our comments about 136-137-inch tracks and how well they handle compared to the standard 121-inch trail sleds out there.

Frankly, it looks like 128 is becoming the most favorable track choice for a number of riders and depending on the weight of their sleds, many riders feel it gives them more off-trail options without compromising handling.

Likewise, there’s some pretty strong feelings about the difference in handling between a 136-137 track and a 141-plus length.

We agree and would state clearly if you’re going to ride trails, 141or 144 is just too much track to get around corners without push or excessive steering effort.

You need to weigh out how much off-trail riding you want to do to justify these really long tracks for trail sleds.

What about width, though? Truthfully, we haven’t been able to perceive any downside with a 16-wide meat compared to a 15.

Ski-Doo’s 137×16 Renegade handles just as well in almost every snow condition as the competitions’ 15-wide x 136 tracks and the extra flotation is a real bonus.

This track size delivers the same surface area as a 144-incher and with a decent carbide combo on the skis, handles great.

Yamaha has a pretty cool idea for its XTX 144-incher with the rear of the track raised off the snow a bit (tipped) and the edges of the track ground off to a 45-degree angle to help with turn-in on harder snow surfaces.

It works pretty well and it’s good to see the OEM’s coming up with solutions as more buyers consider longer rubber under their sleds.

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