LYNX Rave RS 600 Technical Improvements for 2012

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We race what we sell; this has been our strategy for years. LYNX Rave RS 600 has been always development platform for us and very close to our consumer sport sleds; rider ergonomics, frame, front and rear suspensions are all same in our famous Rave RE sport sleds.

This is how we want to proceed, and it is not a burden for us as some may think, or how do you think about winning 2011 FIM Snowcross World Championship Gold and Silver together with our super riders; Emil Öhman and Petter Nårsa.

For 2012 season we have again worked hard to be able to win, simply because it is our desire of winning and being best. This is nothing new, it is the same philosophy we have had since 1983 when we started racing snowcross with our famous LYNX GLS 3300.

This is part of Lynx Snowhow. We know how to make winning snowmobiles, and we will keep on making them!

2012 LYNX Rave RS 600

NEW Pattern and Lug Design on 3300 Track
– Better traction in starts
– Better turning on corners

NEW Suspension Calibrations
– More stability for soft snowcross track
– More precise rebound damping on center and rear shocks
– Less front end dive in corners

Improved Rotax 600RS Racing Engine, + 6 HP
– New crank case design
– New patent pending crankshaft design
– New cylinder design
– New fuel pump and hose routing
– Broader power band, from 8300 – 8800 RPM

Improved Drive Line
– New engine mounts
– New sliding driven clutch
– Better venting to clutches
– New Belt
– New 19/49 gearing

NEW Stronger Tie Rods

NEW Hand Guards

NEW 2012 Open Mod kit
– 98 or 102 fuels
– available at November 2011

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