Half a RUSH – and Way Light!

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Here’s where it gets interesting: Almost all Polaris RMK mountain models are Blackjack based.

This is incredible news for the vertical crowd and it comes in the form of the Pro RMK series where less is more. Polaris has pared over 40 pounds off its RMK platform and boasts dry weights 10 pounds under the previously feathery Ski-Doo Summit line-up, model for model.

The coolness continues with Pro Taper bars, aluminum key panels, Swiss cheese cut running boards, key panel mounted switchgear and a super lightweight rear skid available in 163 and 155 track lengths.

Mountain models include 800 Pro RMK 163-inchers and 155, 800 RMK Assault 155 and 800 RMK 155. The 600 RMK 155 and 600 RMK 144 are the only RMKs still in IQ clothes.

There’s also a sweet variant called the Assault Switchback. We think this is a response to the crowing from younger flatland free-riders around here.

The Assault Switchback uses Blackjack skin up front and a 144-inch shoe and mountain skid. This is a very serious deep snow sled with huge appeal for free-riders, particularly when ordered with the lower 1.350 lug shoe.

Looking at all the 2011 RMKs the company’s passion to cut weight is easy to see and feel. Carbon fiber rear bumpers, cut-out aluminum where the five piece tunnel overlaps, no extra trim on the Blackjack front bumper and a vented (and we mean really vented) snow flap are some of the more easy-to-see weight reducing measures.

A rifle drilled jackshaft and numerous other weight saving tweaks in the handlebar and switchgear area all contribute ounces that when added up, turn into pounds.

How much weight is lost in the transition to the Blackjack platform? Over 40 pounds! Serious stuff.

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