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In 2003, the snowmobile manufacturers – Arctic Cat, BRP, Polaris, and Yamaha collectively initiated and supported the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association Grant Program.

The objective of the program is to provide grants to state and provincial snowmobile organizations in: the promotion of the Go Snowmobiling campaign, safety and environmental projects, improving and maintaining land access, conduct snowmobile related economic impact studies, and to support snowmobilers participation in precedent setting lawsuits on snowmobile land access issues.

Since 2003, over $400,000 dollars has been distributed by the manufacturers to participating organizations who, through their own efforts and contributions have generated another $1.2 million dollars worth of support. Over $1.6 million dollars has been invested in key snowmobile related issues across North America.

The associations/federations, in many creative ways, have promoted snowmobile safety through advanced snowmobile education efforts and the use of snowmobile safety trailers used across North America.

The trailers are used trailside and at trail heads to promote and expand the Safe Riders! safety campaign and highlight other educational opportunities for snowmobilers. Some are used as portable warming huts and highly visible rolling billboards.

Many organizations have conducted economic impact studies highlighting the importance of snowmobiling to the local and national economy. These economic impact studies are used effectively to help tell the story of the importance of snowmobiling as an important part of the winter economic engine throughout North America. Through these studies it has been determined that over 90,000 full-time jobs are generated because of snowmobiling in North America.

Radio and TV campaigns have been created through the ISMA Grant Program helping to expand the understanding of family snowmobiling in many regions of North America. Opportunities are available through public television, and network and cable programs to use the TV ready spots created by the snowmobile manufacturers in promoting snowmobiling as a fun family activity.

The manufacturers Grant Program has also been used in the creation and expansion of military personnel appreciation rides. Across the US and Canada, returning military personnel have been invited to enjoy snowmobiling and recognized for their service.

Numerous land access related studies have been conducted and coordinated by state and provincial organizations with the help of the ISMA Grant Program. Those land access studies would include Recreational Travel Management Studies, snow compaction studies, wildlife interaction studies and more.

A number of avalanche awareness education programs have also been initiated through the ISMA Grant program. The program has been recognized internationally for its support of customer education and positive recreational awareness.

Snowmobiling is a great, fun family activity that is recognized worldwide. The snowmobile manufacturers Grant Program helps to support our ongoing effort to tell the truth about snowmobiling and to support the efforts of organized snowmobiling associations across North America.

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