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The Canadian Snowcross Racing Association (CSRA) recently announced racing classes for the new Ski-Doo Freestyle. The class is actually for 300cc full size machines but, at this time the Freestyle is it.Anyone from age 8 to an adult can enter specific classes to compete on these ultra cool and capable little rockets.

If you salivate at the thought of racing snocross in a non-threatening environment, this may be your chance to get out there and have a jumbo injection of racing fun.

The 300cc class means no big-buck spending, leveling the playing field for all competitors. Kids who’ve outgrown their mini-sleds (120 class) now have the perfect class to stay in snocross and hone their skills on real-sized sleds.

There’s no down side to this deal (a similar WSA announcement is expected very soon) so pull out thirty five clams (one day entry) and take your new Freestyle to the races for an afternoon.

Call the CSRA at 905-476-7182 for more information.

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