Candidate for Craziest Sled of the Year

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An interesting surprise and one that leaves us scratching our heads is the intro of a completely new concept snowmobile called the Tundra Extreme. Wait, don’t log off yet!

This is a crazy sled and just may hit the nail on the head with a new segment. Frankly, we just don’t know.

Okay, here it is: Take the featherweight Tundra chassis with front struts and delivering a crazy tight turning radius, add in a ridiculous 16x154x2.25-inch track and then power it up with a 600 E-TEC.

Yes, you read it correctly, a 600 E-TEC! Still listening? Add in a tall riser, a super-narrow 32-inch ski-stance and the new non-ported Summit track and you’ve got one of the most extreme hill climbing sleds ever built.

We’re not sure how much this sled under-weighs a conventional Summit but we’re betting it’s considerably lighter.

Honestly, for freeriders this sled may be the ultimate combination of horsepower-to-weight-to powder-handling-to-traction.

We think this is a sick piece of equipment and just may be the sleeper sled of the year. We can’t wait to get a ride on one.

The Tundra Extreme is definitely not a utility sled and may turn out to be a flat-out excellent play sled – especially if you love riding in powder or riding freestyle. We can’t think of anywhere this sled can’t go.

We don’t know who thought this one up at Ski-Doo but they may need some professional counseling. They may even be nuts enough to qualify to work here at Supertrax.

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