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Thursday- Justin Hoyer stuck Gold in the Freestyle Snocross Feature with the help of BOSS Racing crew chief, Ryan Duncan who tuned Hoyer’s sled in advance of the huge event.

Friday- Turcotte looked strong during practice and the crew was happy with the sled set-up and performance.

Sunday- First round of qualifying for BOSS was Heat 2, with Turcotte finishing a strong 2nd place behind Tucker Hibbert.

BOSS hosted amputee Travis Gravelle during the Adapted Snocross Feature. Travis left the line 4th, entering a brutal track; he hit a bump hard during competition causing his artificial limb to breakaway. After a brief delay he suited back up, crashed hard again and did not finish the final.

Turcotte was up next in the Snocross Main- Turcotte came off the line in and into the first corner in 2nd place, then collided with Tucker Hibbert in turn 2 losing momentum.

Five sleds passed putting Turcotte in 6th place at the end of the first lap. He dropped to 7th on a tough wet sticky track, which he held until the final lap, when another sled collided with Brett, sending him back to finish in 11th place.

BOSS Athletes and crew would like to thank Dragon Alliance our newest sponsor, and marketing guru Alex Pashley for the high performing eyewear.

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