Arctiva introduces the Layering System

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Janesville, Wisconsin – October 4, 2019 – The all new Arctiva layering system is one of the most important things a rider can wear to stay not only warm but dry. Offering a full line up of layering products, Arctiva has everything from your base layer all the way up to your heavier insulators. The Evaporator shirt and pant are designed to be your wicking base layer. It is constructed of a light-weight, extremely breathable, polyester material which helps keep the moisture away. The Regulator is the next step in the layering system. This mid-weight jersey insulation is made from a unique blend of polyester and spandex which results in an extremely soft touch. The warmest layering line is the Insulator shirt and pant. This again is considered a mid-weight but is constructed from a blend of micro polyester and spandex. Arctiva also offers two uniquely styled layering jackets, the Mech mid-layer and the Softshell jacket. Both of these can be worn with any of the mentioned layering kits to provide the ultimate protection against cold weather. Arctiva layering is offered in men’s and women’s. Prices for each piece varies, visit for more information.

Arctiva is dedicated to sport of snowmobiling. Countless hours are spent researching and designing performance outerwear and layering garments specifically for the power sports enthusiast. For more information visit us at You can also follow us on Instagram @arctivagear and the @OfficalArctiva Facebook page.

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