800 E-TEC Engine

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What can you say about an engine that exceeds in every way – and we mean in EVERY way.

The much-awaited 800 E-TEC was quite simply, well worth waiting for. It gets incredibly good gas mileage, sips oil, apparently is the cleanest burning 800 mill in snowmobiling; runs, starts and idles like a sewing machine and to top it all off, is likely the fastest 800 2-stroke we’ve ever ridden.

The combination of this engine in that chassis (REV XP) is such a dynamic duo it defies logic. Hmm, the lightest chassis, the most powerful engine; tell me if anything is wrong here… nope!

If you’ve been reading Supertrax a while you know we’ve loved the E-TEC 600 from day-one. The 800 uses the same voice coil activated injectors to hammer super-atomized fuel into the top of the cylinders within a very narrow window of the combustion cycle.

It’s the combination of atomization and the very narrow sliver of optimum timing of the charge that results in such a clean burn. The engine uses similar liquid cooled crankcases to the old PowerTEK carbed 800 to keep bottom end temperatures low and crank bearing life maximized.

The only area we know nothing about is the lifespan potential of an E-TEC 800, however, we suspect this mill has been thoroughly tested and will be every bit as durable as the E-TEC 600.

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