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Fifty years of snowmobiles, and the only Japanese manufacturer, is a cherished milestone that Yamaha is proud to have achieved.

Yamaha could not have reached its status as a leader in the snowmobile industry without the support of its dealer network, industry partners, and most importantly, its valued customers.

A heartfelt thank you to all who chose, and continue to choose, Yamaha. Please enjoy this video for a look back at some of the models that have made Yamaha’s name synonymous with quality, innovation and performance.

In 2017, Yamaha attacked the top of the market by releasing the incredible Sidewinder with Genesis 998 Turbo. For 2018, Yamaha is celebrating their 50th snowmobile anniversary, not just with a number of themed LE models, but with a noble objective. Yamaha’s goal is to ensure the industry grows and matures for another 50 years by releasing SnoScoot, the perfect introduction to snowmobiling for new riders.

SnoScoot offers a stylish, off-trail ready, reliable, trail compliant, affordable gas and go snowmobile, but it’s also some of the most fun you can have on snow! The 192cc, Yamaha four-stroke engine, adjustable suspension and roomy ergonomics ensure the SnoScoot will keep riders smiling for years to come.

Yamaha will be aggressively promoting the SnoScoot to non-snowmobilers, demonstrating how beneficial the snowmobile lifestyle is for families, community building and rider empowerment.

At the other end of the spectrum, Yamaha continues to push the performance envelope by releasing a total of six Sidewinder M-TX models for 2018, including base, SE and LE models in 153 and 162 track length configurations.

To go along with the dynamic Genesis 998 Turbo engine, each M-TX model has important changes like a new dropped chain case with flatter approach angle, revised intake venting with pre-filter, updated mountain-friendly ergonomics, and 8 tooth drive sprockets. The Yamaha Sidewinder M-TX series is changing what riders thought they knew about four-stroke mountain snowmobiles.

What would a 50th anniversary be without some limited edition models? In 2018, Yamaha celebrates by releasing seven 50th anniversary themed, upgraded LE models in Sidewinder R-TX, L-TX, B-TX and M-TX configurations, Viper L-TX and Apex and Apex X-TX. Even the SRX120 – while not a spring only LE – does get a 50th anniversary graphics package. Not to be outdone, two other versions of LE are available in ‘Yamaha Blue’ racing motif, those being the Sidewinder L-TX LE and Sidewinder M-TX LE 153. Each of the LE models receives a number of specification upgrades, but they are only available during Yamaha’s Spring Power Surge, running this year until April 15, 2017.

On the two-up side, Yamaha has an all-new SRVenture DX to satisfy long distance two up riders who are looking to put on big miles in maximum comfort. Yamaha has also incorporated its innovative Electric Power Steering system to the VK Professional II, a significant upgrade that will allow better slow speed maneuvering and hauling capabilities for those that work just as much as they play on their snowmobile.

After fifty years, Yamaha is aggressively moving forward into 2018, pushing the momentum forward from a strong 2017 season. From bottom to top, Yamaha is releasing the models customers want, and the snowmobiles that will grow the industry. The time to Conquer Snow with Yamaha, is now.

Complete model information is available at Yamaha-motor.ca or Yamahasnowmobiles.com

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