UPDATE: Great News on Barry Lacarte!

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As those who attended the OFSC convention this past September may be aware, club volunteer Barry Lacarte of District 14, collapsed from a heart attack at the President’s Dinner, shortly after being named OFSC S.T.O.P. Officer of the Year.

After a lengthy stay in hospital, we are very pleased to report that Barry is doing well, and progressing at home. Please join us in wishing Barry and his wife, Ann, all the best and congratulating him for outstanding contributions to the OFSC S.T.O.P. Program!

Thanks For Saving Barry’s Life.

No doubt Barry is with us today in large part because of the quick and expert action taken by several attendees who responded on site to the crisis.

These folks secured the area and administered the necessary emergency procedures, including use of the hotel’s defribulator, to save Barry’s life in those first few critical moments, caring for him until the ambulance arrived.

Words of gratitude and praise for their assistance are inadequate to express our full appreciation and admiration of their successful efforts on Barry’s behalf. They are a testament to the quality of the dedicated people who are associated with the OFSC, so our heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who assisted, including:

Lynn Beach, OFSC S.T.O.P.
Committee Chair Andy Chevdukas – (D6)
Brian Cooper – (D5)
Bill Daoust – (husband of OFSC’s Jennifer Daoust)
David Farr – (D8)
Lissette Gauthier (D14)
Brenda Hamilton – (D9)
Normie Hein, S.T.O.P. Special Constable and OFSC S.T.O.P.
Committee member Marc Lapalme – (D14)
Don Martin – (D7)
John McCarthy – (D5)
Michael Mulley – SPOT satellite messenger
Mike Price, OPP Provincial S.T.O.P Coordinator
Ann Robinson (D1)
Crystal St. Jean – (D14)
Andy Williams – (D9)
and OFSC Staff who assisted throughout the incident.

Note: We have made every effort to properly identify all the emergency responders who assisted Barry that night and apologize to anyone we have inadvertently missed. If you or anyone you know should be on this list, please notify the OFSC.

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