OFSC Improves Rider Experience with New Website

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Ontario Snowmobiling Benefits from New High Tech Features Including Interactive Trail Guide, Visual Trail Status Reports and iSnowMobile App

High tech is improving the Ontario snowmobiling experience as riders receive even more value for their permit dollars.

The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) has launched its totally revamped, super-easy to navigate and content-rich website. High tech features include many snowmobiling firsts, such as the interactive trail guide, visual trail status reports and iSnowMobile, the new OFSC iPhone App.

To achieve these high tech advances, the OFSC partnered with MapSherpa, a leading provider of outdoor oriented mapping products and solutions. With the all-new the Interactive Trail Guide, Internet savvy OFSC snowmobilers will now be able to plan their rides, check for in-season re-routes and detours, and view the latest, colour-coded trail status updates online.

Based on the most recent GPS digital data, the new interactive guide features the most accurate and up to date display of the entire 34,000+ kilometre OFSC trail network available anywhere. Best of all, access is free for OFSC riders. OFSC snowmobilers can take their trails with them and check trail status wherever they are by downloading the entire OFSC trail network directly from the new Interactive site to their smart phones via the new iSnowMobile app (available at www.apple.com/iphone for $2.99).

For a small fee, riders can also order customized and high definition hard copies of the Interactive Trail Guide site with a choice of area, size, layout and base map. In coming months, the OFSC will further enhance the site with such new features as popular tour loops, digital trail distances and expanded points of interest that can include the locations of items as diverse as signboards, bathrooms, club houses and events, and scenic lookouts, plus pop-up contact info for and photos of lodgings, restaurants, gas stations, rental locations, dealerships, repair shops and much more.

Visit OFSC.on.ca for more!

The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs is non-profit organization dedicated to providing strong leadership and support to member clubs and volunteers, to establishing and maintaining quality snowmobile trails which are used in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, and to furthering the enjoyment of organized snowmobiling.MapSherpa delivers mapping solutions and high quality consumer mapping products to snowmobilers and other participants in the outdoor recreation market throughout North America. MapSherpa is a division of Canadian web mapping firm DM Solutions Group (www.mapsherpa.com / www.dmsolutions.ca).

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