Why We think Polaris Gets It With Crossovers

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We’ve evaluated sleds from either end of the crossover market and think Polaris is moving in a wise direction with its crossover product line-up.

For the record, those ends are as follows: The longer tracked, trail oriented crossover used for running deep flatland snow and bridging moguls on trails, to the extreme freerider X-Over genre catering to deep snow boondocking and hillclimbing with the intention of using trails as a means to an off-trail day of riding.

Polaris offers the Assault 144 Switchback, a completely serious, no compromise freeriding weapon seriously at home off-trail and not so much at home on trail.

With the addition of the Switchback Pro Ride 136, Polaris now offers a sled hugely capable at bridging moguls but equally as athletic in deep snow and flatland boondocking.

This multi-character lineup from Polaris gives what only one other manufacturer has right now: Sleds at either extreme of the X-Over game.

There’s a side to the Switchback Pro-Ride we need to discuss here. It’s the new platform’s ability to hone trails.

We honestly felt the Pro-Ride 136 was a completely no-compromise X-Over when it comes to trails.

Moreover, we also felt it takes the external shock suspension to a new and as yet, unreached plateau of plushness and mogul absorption.

Simply put, the 136 Switchback Pro-Ride is the best riding sled in the Polaris fleet, hands down.

So profound is the transparency of Pro-Ride in the Switchback, in the twisties we could not tell when we were on a 136 or a 121.

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