Why Polaris Stretched the RUSH

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The worst kept secret last fall was the potential for Polaris to stretch out the Pro-Ride RUSH platform and in doing so re-invent the popular Switchback 136 formerly planted in the IQ chassis.

When we first laid eyes on the new 136 Pro-Ride Switchback we had to squint a few times to understand how Polaris had accomplished the inclusion of an external shock system with a 136-inch skid.

Simply put, the Roseau braintrust did not do the simple thing and extend the rails, simply keeping the Pro-Ride’s external shock in the same position under the seat.

Instead, they actually inserted seven inches of length in the chassis and mid-way down the rails, effectively moving the Pro-Ride shock rearward, out from under the seat, while keeping the rear cantilever system located in the same position as it is on the 121-inch Pro-Ride RUSH.

The “over structure” holding the upper rear shock mount is now significantly longer. This mid-chassis lengthening provided some distinct advantages for the re-packaging of the Pro-Ride system.

Very important was the ability to extend the running boards without creating interference with the shock leverage system.

The execution of the stretched chassis has accomplished this nicely allowing boondockers an effective place to plant their feet when sidehilling or powder hooking.

A side benefit of the Pro-Ride architecture when melded into a 136-inch platform is the sled’s ability to dig into snow before getting hung-up on the running boards.

Since there’s no unnecessary extra running board material extending to the rear of the sled the naked Pro-Ride can now dig deep into fluff and keep the Switchback moving.

We experienced this trait in Togwottee, Montana in January and can verify the Pro-Ride 136 likes deep snow.

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