What’s the Next Move For the RUSH?

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It looks like the new Indy 600 is grabbing all the Polaris press clippings this year and it raises an interesting question: With the spotlight clearly focused on the Indy, what will become of the RUSH?

Certainly the Indy appeals to the mainstream performance rider more than the RUSH but the RUSH’s unique looks and extremely effective rear suspension gives it a huge dose of sizzle when buyers are shopping showrooms. It truly is an “ultimate” performance Polaris and one that appeals to the hardest of the hardcore user.

Here are a few things we see happening with the RUSH the next couple of years. With the current interest in longer tracks, we think the RUSH will eventually move from a 121-inch track to a 128.

It has been our clear observation the ride of the current Switchback 136 is even better than the trail-targeted 121 RUSH.

By moving the track to a 128-incher, the sled will barely give up any of its great handling prowess, will gain ride compliance but will become a more versatile missile while offering improved traction to go along with its innate ability to transfer its weight. This applies both to hard-packed trail riding and deep snow activities.

Another area we see the RUSH stepping up is with rider adjustability. One of the strongest selling features of Ski-Doo’s rMotion skidframe is its easy-to-adjust damping and preload adjusters mounted within easy reach of the rider.

We think a similar setup, perhaps going a step further with handlebar mounted controls, would make it easier for riders to find their personal “sweet spot” for suspension compliance. No tools required, just dial up the perfect formula from the driver’s seat.

We also believe there’s a higher level of suspension compliance available with the RUSH’s rising rate rear end. Last year (2012 models) was nothing short of a quantum leap of improvement, but we think the suspension still has potential to “wow” riders with its range of comfort a notch higher.

We’re ready to ride our 2013 press sleds and we’re looking forward to seeing what the newest version behaves like.

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