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There are few names in the sport as iconic as “Polaris XCR.” The name conjures up images of historic cross-country races like the I-500 and legendary Spirit Mountain Sno-X events. The XCR is a timeless reminder Polaris has ruled terrain racing for decades.

For MY2022 the company has convincingly cemented the heritage of the XCR into the all-new, super-capable MATRYX XCR 128 and 136, available with 650 or 850 power.

These new XCR models leave nothing on the table for the competition. How so? The revolutionary, ergonomically correct MATRYX chassis takes the ditch banging, mogul-crushing performance of the XCR brand to a new level of precise control and comfort.

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Handling and cornering control is the hallmark of the MATRYX IFS front end. It produces precise bump control, correct roll center specs and a low center of gravity using premium Walker Evans Racing Velocity Hi-Lo compression adjustable shocks. The system delivers incredible consistency and rugged strength from Polaris’s double A-arm design. This is the benchmark for intuitive on-center stability, precise control and near telepathic turn-in.

XCR control is much more than its standard-setting IFS. Hardcore terrain pilots have found a new benchmark rear suspension with the coupled Pro CC extra long torque arm skidframe suspended by another set of Walker Velocity Hi-Lo compression adjustable gassers. Pro CC uses the responsive geometry of rear arm coupling to deliver a plush ride in moguls while resisting bottoming in square-edged bumps and high-flying landings.

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Why is this new XCR so fast? It makes no difference if you select the Patriot 850 or the new-last-year Patriot 650 for your XCR; both engines are class leaders delivering impressive acceleration and top end against all competitors. Swing a leg over the XCR’s flat top, ultra-narrow dirt-bike-style seat. Sit down, pull the trigger and release the kind of thrust that immediately curls your toes back and widens your eyes as you tighten your grip on the chrome-moly handlebars. This is a new level of refined, smooth and efficient XCR performance.

While the XCR undeniably delivers bare-chested brawn at WOT, the MATRYX XCR exudes a new level of sophisticated comfort! Polaris’s new Smart Warmers are the ultimate answer to the age-old problem of too hot or too cold – but never just-right handlebar and thumb heat! Pre-select the actual temperature you desire for three preset temps and then just forget about this important feature. Smart Grips work so transparently you’ll never be satisfied with another heater system.

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Navigating trails, lakes and ditches is what the XCR does best. The sled is never unsettled and never hesitates to soak up the terrain you ride. Riders can enjoy extra confidence using Polaris’s revolutionary, simple-to-operate and understand 7s GPS gauge set. Its unique Group Ride feature lets you see your riding pals in real time on the huge up-front touch screen and gauge cluster.

Going fast is what XCR is all about. However, XCR means ultimate control at speed and the Polaris Racing Technology (PRT) brake system provides massive, fade-free braking with deep modulation from just a light pull at the lever. The iconic XCR racing brake scoop on the hood announces the presence of high performance PRT Stealth braking.

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A new magnetic tether is standard on all 2022 XCR models as is the MATRYX platform’s sumptuous heated storage located up-front behind the gauge cluster. Big enough to swallow five pairs of goggles, this capacity is unrivalled in the industry. If that isn’t enough, the XCR’s seat can be quickly removed exposing another generous storage area.

All XCR models, including those powered by the 650 and 850 Patriot engines with 128 or 136-inch tracks, can be ordered with a 1.25 Ice Ripper, 1.35 Cobra or a 1.6 inch Cobra track. Polaris’s Pro Steer anti-darting skis are standard on all XCRs.

Now available in the all-new MATRYX chassis with formidable Patriot power, the XCR brand is sure to become even more imposing in MY 2022!

SnowCheck your 2022 Polaris Snowmobile!

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