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SnowTrax TV, North America’s most viewed, award winning snowmobile television series is pleased to announce the winner of the show’s annual REAL WORLD SLED OF THE YEAR Award.

This season, the hard riding crew of snowmobile enthusiasts at Snowtrax bestowed the coveted SOFTY on Arctic Cat’s impressive 6000 El Tigre.

TV host, Luke Lester, commented: “Arctic Cat has had an amazing year. The company has made huge moves, particularly in its engine program. The all-new 600cc domestically-built, Arctic Cat designed, Dual Stage Injection (DSI) 2-stroke carried a lot of weight with the team here during intense discussions surrounding SOFTY nominees”.

Clearly, SnowTrax is impressed with the 600 “slot injection” motor. SnowTrax co-host AJ Lester, added: “Fresh thinking displayed by Arctic Cat’s engine team has produced not only the new benchmark for power and acceleration in the 600/125-hp segment but an extremely fuel efficient and EPA-clean motor at the same time. The benefits over conventional injected engines are genuine and much more than brochure hype”.

The ProCross-based El Tigre platform impressed SnowTrax with its agile handling, solid on-center feel and lightweight handling response. Comments included: “The ProCross chassis loves this motor”; “Just carded 20-mpg with the 600 DSI mill”; “3000 miles (5000kms) on the original belt and it’s still stupid fast!”. The 6000 engine proved itself to be real world fuel efficient, oil miserly, virtually smokeless and bulletproof reliable.

When the snow dust settled after more than 30,000 miles on 21 different snowmobiles in the SnowTrax /Supertrax fleet, the verdict was in: 2014’s most impressive sled is Arctic Cat’s 6000 El Tigre!

SnowTrax Television is produced by Supertrax Media Inc. and airs 13 times a season with a viewership of over 3.5 million snowmobilers. SnowTrax airs on the Outdoor Channel in the US as well as OLN and Wild TV in Canada and a growing number of affiliates in Northern Europe. Supertrax Media Inc. also produces the sport’s most circulated enthusiast publication, Supertrax International Magazine in both the US and Canada.

Watch full episodes of SnowTrax Television online at

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