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If You Don’t Have The Items On This List, You’re Missing Out!

Nearly all snowmobiles come from the factory with carbide runners but quite frequently when riding Ontario’s smooth trails, they exhibit a darting effect that follows the ruts of snowmobiles ahead of you and makes riding somewhat uncomfortable.

There are some great solutions to this problem and short of replacing the factory skis with aftermarket ones like the new Split Rail, dual axis units advertised in Supertrax, you can install multiple blade runners that work exceedingly well to combat darting.

Multiple runner carbides work best and we’ve been endorsing products like SnowTracker and Qualipieces for years.

SnowTrackers are a truly unique solution to the darting issue and also have a self-sharpening feature that keeps the skags exposed as the blades wear down.

Both products make such a huge difference, on some snowmobile models we don’t even hesitate to add them before the snow starts to fall.

The fact is this: Why should you live with a miserable handling sled when the technology exists to cure the problem? Invest in some good runners and your ride this winter will be ten times better.


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