Smaller Displacement Sleds Could Be The Future

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If you’ve been observing the automobile industry and the most recent requirements for fuel consumption compliance, you’ll see a trend toward radically smaller displacement engines across the board and in some cases the use of turbochargers to gain sufficient power levels commensurate with current naturally aspirated V8s.

For instance, Ford’s new EcoBoost V6 will be used in the 2012 F-150 Series trucks to replace the current 5.4 and 4.6 V8s.

This turbocharged V6 makes huge power, even compared to the 8-cylinder engines it replaces and gets incredible gas mileage.

The recently introduced Chevy Cruze offers s 1.4 liter engine, small by even small car standards and its turboed version is even smaller. There are many more such “tiny” engines being developed for production within the next two years.

The question for our sport is this: Will snowmobile displacement levels be limited in the future?

The whiplash from the car business is usually only a couple of years until it carries over to powersport segments.

Five years from now, a 600 2-stroke may be the max you can buy and an 800 4-stroke with a turbo may constitute maximum power for your sled.

It’s not really that bad but you gotta ask: What if????

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