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There’s no doubt Ski-Doo loves acronyms and, in particular, acronyms using the letter X. Let’s look at the latest variant of the now well-known and respected G4 platform.

The newness is not just sizzle but bonafide triple A steak. Let’s deal with the Renegade first. Take your Renegade X and X-RS models and mix in new technology called RAS-X IFS, rMotion X skid and TS-X adjustable skis.

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In a very tangible way, these new elements alter what we’ve come to expect from the G4 Renegade X and X-RS platforms. For MY 2021 these improvements are only available on X and X-RS models.

The new, wider RAS-X Renegade front end alters the roll center of the G4 chassis and in doing so lowers the center of gravity of the sled making it feel more planted when pushed to the center of a turn. The result is vastly improved initial turn-in and stronger bite up to and beyond the apex.

The new version of rMotion X takes the cornering forces the chassis is processing and manages them more effectively with laser-level posture as power is re-applied on corner exit.

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The completely redesigned TS-X tuneable skis provide dramatically improved bite on varying snow surfaces without constant fiddling to compensate for minor variances in grip. This newly minted ski is now the perfect match for the G4 chassis with the aforementioned “X” improvements.

We were able to dial-in carbide depth easily and experience a much wider range of adjustability with each subsequent click of the TS-X threaded adjusters.

Without doubt Ski-Doo’s rMotion has been the benchmark for snowmobile suspension response. You’ll be happy to hear the new rMotion X swallows trail junk with the same appetite it’s had the past ten years.

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If you wish to dial-in more weight transfer, the Renegade’s all-new front torque arm provides a simple-to-tweak, eccentric lower mounting fixture.

Maybe the most profound difference in the new “X” G4 package is front end handling and bump absorption. We found the RAS-X IFS to be exceptionally linear and stable, displaying no nervousness on high-speed trails while producing a confidence-inspiring response to steering inputs.

Put it this way: If you currently ride a G4 Renegade you will immediately discern the improvement in overall handling and suspension response the new RAS-X, rMotion-X and TS-X skis produce.

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