Ski-Doo Renegade XP 600: Off-Trail Handling

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Want to know the inside scoop on boondocking with the Renegade XP 600? Read on:

This wasn’t a hard sled to evaluate considering it comes in at double digits pounds less than its next competitor.

Clearly, the XP has minimal ground pressure and thus it will go like crazy in snow.

We found the XP reacted to depth changes with lightning response and among all the sleds here was easiest to throw around.

We still preferred the Crossfire’s stand-up ergonomics but the XP’s ability to change directions by simply shifting your hips or feet was telepathic.

The huge vents in the Renegade’s running boards were welcome when fluff was piling up. The vents allowed snow to clear immediately and surprisingly, they didn’t allow snow to come up through the vents.

The XP’s handlepole and grab bar are well placed and even the gauge package is easy to read when standing and jumping around on the sled. Love the digital temperature read-out too.

Because the XP has the most centralized mass of the bunch here, it feels like it can almost ride on top of powder. The rider gets the eerie sensation the sled is actually running across powder like it’s hardpack.

With a low CG, low weight and strictly centered mass, the sled is extremely capable at speed and feels super flick-able. Watch out, though – the ability to throw this sled around means you need to carefully meter how much input you apply at higher speeds. The sensation of floating on top can quickly deteriorate into an unwanted ski-hook turn.

The XP is actually a 137 due to its unusual track pitch. This extra inch of length combines with 16 inches of width to produce amazing snow-mobility in ditches or when running untramped lakes.

The XP’s handling in deep fluff is more a product of weight shift and body positioning than steering. To this end, we found many of our pilots needed to re-acquaint themselves with the XP’s sensitive weight-shift oriented handling.

This is not a negative but it is distinctly different from all the others here.

Read the whole Crossover Comparo article in Supertrax Volume 19, Number 2!

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