Ski-Doo Mach Z 1000 – Reputation Under Pressure

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Highs: Nobody else is claiming 175 ponies in MY 07. Thunderous yet silky smooth power, it’s ridiculously fuel efficient and solid, predictable handling on smooth trails. The Mach Z is the most sophisticated 2-stroke snowmobile engine in the world.

Despite a reputation as a bad boy, the M-Z can be ridden sensibly all day – if you’re nuts.

Lows: Y’know, it feels kinda porky after riding Cat’s F-1000. Some quirky electronic reliability issues in ’06 after an amazing intro in ’05. How does that happen? Not our top pick for running approaches.

Bottom Line: Don’t confuse this sled with a ditch banger – it’s not. As of this writing you cannot propel yourself faster on snow than on the back of the M-Z. Try this: Sit down, shut up and hang on – that’s 120 mph!

Last year the Mach Z 1000 was faster than anything we’d ever ridden, straight out-of-the-box. That reputation will be under pressure in ’07.

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