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We’ve noticed a ton more Polaris RUSH models out on the trails than last year. Seems dealers are pretty much sold out and the consumers who have purchased one are very happy.

Last year’s first-in 600 model was a moderate success but not that many were built, so sightings tended to be pretty rare. This year, by adding more models, particularly a very good 800, Polaris has created a lot more visibility for the revolutionary Pro-Ride with the kinky-looking back end. The big deal is that customers are really avid about the delivery on the ones they’ve purchased.

“Delivery” is a very important aspect of introducing a new model. Delivery can be defined as after-purchase satisfaction. In other words, once a consumer (you) has laid down the cash; how happy are you with what you’ve bought?

It’s a huge factor in the automobile business and is one of the reasons companies like BMW are enjoying so much success and why Ford is suddenly doing so well.

Interestingly, price isn’t the main factor. People are generally willing to pay more to get what they deem to be high quality, strong performance and the “whole package”. However, this mindset can also work the opposite way. If the product does not “deliver”, consumers will generally un-sell all their friends and bad-mouth their disappointment with the product.

It looks like Polaris has nailed the “delivery” aspect with the RUSH. The owners we’ve been talking to have a cult-like affinity for the sled and aren’t just in love – they’re obsessed with the superiority of the design.

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