IT BUGZ US: #8 Lack of Trail Signage

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Sometimes we get a little aggravated at things that never seem to be changing. Sometimes we’ll be out trail riding and see something about a trail or the way it’s being abused and want to sit down and write a letter to someone, complaining.

However, it seems those letters should actually be written to ourselves, since we’re the ones who publish all the magazines and do the TV thing and the internet and Facebook and YouTube and whatever else…

Dear Supertrax Editors:

We are rural property owners whose home is about half a mile from a snowmobile trail.

We are finding that at all hours of the day and night desperate snowmobilers are knocking on our door asking directions because they’re lost.

Some of these people are hundreds of miles off-course and are close to starvation. Being good citizens, we bring them inside and provide warmth and food for them until they have gained enough strength and their bodies have returned to functioning temperatures so they can venture back out onto the trails again.

We’re not complaining. This has provided us with an excellent opportunity to meet many new people from different faraway places and, because of their desperate circumstances; we have received a lot of joy just in helping the lost. It also gives us unlimited time to share our cult with them.

However, the cost to provide free food and shelter for the time it takes to get these folks going again is draining our financial resources.

Is there any sort of government funding to help us out with our food expenses?

Liberty and Bob Goodperson

Dear Bob & Liberty:

Thanks for your letter and also thanks for your hospitality to the lost snowmobilers who come your way.

We think there may be a lack of trail signs in your area and that’s why so many people are getting lost. Perhaps you could contact your local snowmobile club and ask them to put up more signs.

On the other hand, if you’re enjoying the process of meeting so many new people, we suggest contacting a local food bank to get some extra provisions.

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