Power Steering For 2012 Vector

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Fans of the rock-steady Yamaha Vector should be smiling when they check out the 2012 version.

Yamaha has added its industry-first EPS electrically assisted power steering to the venerable model this year.
For those who rode last year’s Apex equipped with EPS, there was little holdback on praise for the handling improvement it makes.

Steering effort is light and linear and the feedback from bumps and hits on the trail is damped down so much you hardly notice anything coming back at you through the handlebars.

This has a tremendous effect on rider fatigue and it’s not until you switch back and forth between an EPS sled and one without it, you notice the difference. After riding the Vector with it we came to the same positive conclusion.

In order to keep the price in line, Yamaha made a couple of changes to the Veck that may be missed but, frankly, don’t affect the overall ride, handling or demeanor of the sled much at all.

First, the dial-type tunnel adjuster for dampening has been removed and replaced with a very good clicker adjustable gas shock in the skidframe.

The Vector still uses the very plush monoshock system it has become famous for and the ride is not compromised for 2012.

Up front, Yamaha has dumped last year’s piggybackers and gone to adjustable non-reservoir KYB gas shocks instead.

Overall, the trade-off is worth it. The handling is good and all the stuff you’ve loved about the Vector is still there.

It uses a 121-inch track in trail models and a 136 for crossover and boondocking duties.

Check it out on yamaha-motor.com or read about it in the March Digital Edition of Supertrax available on Zinio.com.

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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