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Here’s a quick synopsis of where the OEM’s sit in terms of influence, perception and marketshare.

Power Rankings for October 2012:

#1 – Ski-Doo:

It appears the marketshare leader continues to lead the pack with a rumored 40% stranglehold on the market.

Why such a big lead – rumored almost double their next competitor? It’s all about steak, not sizzle and here’s our list:

1. The most fuel efficient, EPA clean and highest performing range of engines in both 2 and 4-stroke variants.

2. Still the lightest chassis and platforms in all but the mountain segment. The new XS MX-Z/Renegade 2-stroke skin only adds two pounds to the former REV-XP 2-stroke chassis.

3. The best electronic package including the sport’s only standard anti-theft encoded key/tether.

4. The best instrumentation with the most features and the best handlebar switchgear.

5. The best rider adjustable rear suspension, r-Motion.

While Ski-Doo is obsessed with gaining similar dominance in the mountain market, the jury is still out with the mountain segment’s finicky buyers acceptance of the revolutionary new t-Motion skid and Flex-Edge track.

Check back for our number 2 pick.

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