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Polaris has rocked the snowmobile world with a completely new and way-revolutionary platform to replace the RUSH and Switchback 137. It’s called the AXYS.

More than just a bodywork change, the designers have thrown out everything we’ve been accustomed to and made this sled industry-leading light, improved on the Pro-R’s already excellent handling, brought the front and rear suspensions forward light years and now claim to offer the highest output 800 2-stroke in the business!

The AXYS looks different, too. It actually sits lower overall without losing suspension travel and has a much more integrated look from the side view.

The rider’s seating position is way lower and the “barstool” look is now replaced with a more conventional layout – actually seating the driver about 4-inches forward from the RUSH position.

The idea was to centralize the sled’s mass more without over-weighting the front of the sled – a key item the Polaris engineers feel is critical to good snowmobile handling.

Get this: The AXYS 800’s weight has been reduced a total of 38-lbs over the RUSH for a dry weight of 430-lbs (claimed). This makes the new AXYS 15-lbs lighter than the feathery Indy 800. The net gain is a 15-percent increase in power-to-weight.

Our SUPERTRAX test crew tells us the performance is for real, too. They’ve already ridden the new AXYS models and acceleration is very impressive.

The power doesn’t diminish in the upper ranges, either. The sled still transfers great and ride and handling improvements are for real!

The AXYS offers better storage. There’s an upper dash storage compartment behind the windshield, molded bags are available along with an aluminum rack and the new seat is re-shaped for better transitions between sitting and standing.

There’s even a new 2-up seat option with new, lightweight running boards. The body itself is narrower but the boards are roomy and offer excellent grip.

Polaris has come up with industry-leading electronics for the AXYS. A new LED headlight is a breakthrough and a new 4-color digital gauge is available with complete diagnostics.

A GPS is optionally available, and even Bluetooth connectivity so you can get on-screen warnings when someone is calling or texting your Smart Phone.

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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