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With the arrival of the new MATRYX platform, the Polaris faithful and those shopping Polaris for the first time may find they need some direction weighing out the features and benefits of this revolutionary Indy chassis.

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What’s A VR1?

It’s not difficult to identify and understand an XCR. Its name is synonymous with legendary Polaris handling and rough trail prowess. Frankly, the label “XCR” is legitimately iconic. So how do you rationalize the Indy VR1 and come to an understanding of what makes it uniquely different from the XCR? Let’s cover off what’s different and what’s the same.

The VR1 comes with premium trail-calibrated WER (Walker Evans Racing) rebound and compression adjustable Velocity Shocks all the way around in a fully coupled ProCC skidframe with rail doublers. There’s also Polaris’ incomparable 7S gauge set with Ride Command, the amazing Group Ride feature and the ability to text your riding companions with or without cellphone service.

Polaris’ ergonomically correct SmartWarmers that automatically adjust grip temperature are also standard on the VR1. The VR1 shares identical rider ergonomics with the XCR, providing a 3-inch narrower seat at the critical seat/tank junction and a 4.8-inch width reduction at the console. Both the VR1 and the XCR can be ordered with choices of 1.25, 1.35 or 1.5-inch-deep tracks.

If you take trail riding seriously and appreciate predictable handling, near-telepathic turn-in and ultimate control at speed with razor clean response in the twisties, you’ll want the VR1!

Find The Right Indy For You!

What’s An XCR?

The XCR brand is synonymous with incomparable rough trail handling, big bump suspension compliance and rider-first control! It delivers those traits using top drawer Walker Evans Racing, 2-inch compression and rebound adjustable piggyback reservoir shocks in a coupled ProCC skid. The performance of these dampers under the most gruelling ditch banging and rough trail navigation has to be experienced to be believed!

The XCR comes factory-equipped with a full-on Polaris Race Technology larger diameter brake rotor, larger brake pads and a dedicated exterior brake cooling duct. The rear suspension includes a CNC machined rear coupler stop as well as rail doublers.

Every XCR comes with the 7S interactive digital display with Ride Command and Group Ride toggled three ways: You can control the 7S from the left side switchgear cluster by using a joy stick on the 7S gauge or by simply touching the screen. Again, the MATRYX XCR’s ultra-narrow rider ergonomics and incomparable underhood storage are included.

All XCRs come with Polaris’ new Magnetic Tether. If you get excited when you hear the trails were not groomed last night and quantify snowmobile ride and handling by how fast you can run whoops, ditches and portages, the XCR is definitely your ride!

Find The Right Indy For You!

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